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Lecturas en Espanol - Clic Aqui

Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday        8:00 am
5:30 pm

Sunday          8:00 am
                      11:00 am

Daily Mass Celebrations
Tuesday        9:30 am

Wednesday   8:15 am

Thursday      12:05 pm

Pray For Us


St. Francis—ICU: Susie Mitchell
The Med: Freddie Gilbert
St. Francis: Yvonne Lomax Bradford, Rm 509


Convalescent/Nursing Homes:

Mrs. Christine Crawford (Dove Rehab) Mrs. Ophelia Jennings (Graceland Nursing Center), Mrs. Mae Perrie (Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab Center) Mrs. Lucy Porter Roane (Methodist Hospice) Mr. Floyd Shavers (Metro Community Care Home) Cologene White (Quince Nursing & Rehab Center)

Ill at Home:

Mrs. Audrey Allen, Mr. Herbert Allen, Mr. Vandy Banes, Mr. Gerald Bond, Mrs. Gladys Broadnax, Mrs. Dorothy Brown, Mrs. Mildred Couch, Mr. Clifford Crawford, Mr. Robert Crowley, Ms. Judith Epps, Mr. William Harris, Mr. Darrell Hollimon, Mrs. Jenny Marshall, Mrs. Grace Milburn, Mrs. Mary Monroe, Mrs. Maurice McDonald, Mrs. Florine McMillan, Mrs. Maria Pinkston, Mrs. Lillie Robinson, Mrs. Katherine Terry, Mrs. Theresa Varnado, Mrs. Gwen Walton, Mr. Eric Wells, Mr. Joe L. White, Mrs. Mariah Wilks, Ms. Tamera Young, Mr. Robert Yarbrough

Pray For Those That Have Gone Before Us  - July 27 - August 2

Oscar Bartholomew, Sr., 1939; Lillian Miller, 1945; Eva Russell, 1951; Rosa Lee Terry, 1968; Charlie Washington, 1973; Louise Beck, 1982; Ann D. Powell, 1986; Rita Snowden, 1998; Josie Flowers, 2004; Deacon Robert Guy Atkins, 2009; Wisdom Franchot Coleman, Jr., 2010 




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