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National Black Catholic Congress
Pray For Us

Convalescent/Nursing Homes/Rehab Centers:

Mrs. Geraldine Strickland (Emeritus Asst. Living), Mrs. Ophelia Jennings (Graceland Nursing Ctr), Mrs. Mae
Perrie (Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab Ctr) Mr. Floyd Shavers (Metro Community Care Home) Mrs. Cologene
White (Quince Nursing & Rehab Ctr) Mrs. Mariah Wilks (Spring Gate & Rehab Ctr) 

Ill at Home:

Mrs. Audrey Allen, Mr. Herbert Allen, Mrs. Gloria Alsandor, Mr. Vandy Banes, Mr. Gerald Bond, Mrs. Yvonne Lomax Bradford, Mrs. Gladys Broadnax, Mr. George Coleman, Mrs. Mildred Couch, Mr. Clifford Crawford, Mrs. Christine Crawford, Mr. Robert Crowley, Ms. Judith Epps, Mrs. Laverne Fisher, Mrs. Vivian Garmon, Mr. William Harris, Mr. Darrell Hollimon, Mrs. Joyce Hutch, Mrs. Jenny Marshall, Mrs. Grace Milburn, Mrs. Mary Monroe, Mrs. Maurice McDonald, Mrs. Florine McMillan, Mrs. Maria Pinkston, Mrs. Lillie Robinson, Mrs. Katherine Terry, Mrs. Theresa Varnado, Mrs. Gwen Walton, Mr. Eric Wells, Mr. Joe L. White, Mr. Robert Yarbrough 

Pray For Those That Have Gone Before Us
September 28 - October 4 Sophie Porter, 1952; Ashton Lewis, 1956; Marcella Goodwyn, Myrtle Fox, 1961; Kenneth L. Parson,
1972; Gertrude Herrod, 1976; Furmer Baker, Sr., 1978; Mildred Horton, 1981; Robert Willis, 1983; Samuel McAnulty, 1984; Nolan Pickett, 1988; Yvonne Denise Shine, 1999; Samuel White, Sr., 2005; Robert L. Carpenter, Jr., 2007; Herman Stegall, 2011; Maurice Brown, 2013

Knights of Peter Claver
St. Peter Claver Cared for the Sick and Dying Slaves

Knights of Peter Claver

Knights of St. Peter Claver at St. Augustine

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St. Benedict the Black Council #188 was established in 1977 at St. Thomas Parish, and has become a part of the life of St. Augustine. The group is open to any practicing Catholic male who is at least 18 years of age.  Meetings are held the fourth Sunday of each month. Joseph Randolph is the lead Knight.

There is also a Junior Knights Division for boys ages 7 to 17.  Junior Knights are a part of the growth and future of the Knights of Peter Claver.

The order was founded in 1909 in Mobile, Alabama is to render service and named after St. Peter Claver.  St. Peter Claver (artist's depiction shown above) was born was born in 1580 in northern Spain. At the age of 42 he became the first Jesuit Priest to be ordained in Cartagena. He made his solemn profession in 1622 and signed the final formula: Peter Claver, slave of the Negroes forever.

St. Peter Claver is honored among Black Catholics because he honored the dignity of African Slaves till his death.  St. Peter Claver met every slave ship upon its arrival, bringing with him bread, brandy, lemons and tobacco. He cared for the sick and the dying in the most unselfish manner. Peter Claver died on September 8, 1654. Pope Pius IX beatified him in 1851 and he was declared a Saint in 1888 by Pope Leo XIII.

Supreme Knight: Gene Phillips, Sr.

The Knights of Peter Claver, Inc. is the nation's largest African-American Catholic lay organization. The Order was founded on Nov. 7, 1909, in Mobile, AL for Black men who had no significant organizational role in the Catholic Church.

Peter Claver is said to have converted over 300,000 slaves to Catholicism. The Knights of Peter Claver is a parish based fraternal order with units in more than 300 predominately African American parishes in the United States. The Order engages in a variety of church and community service projects. It also supports charitable appeals of many national and international organizations such as the NAACP and the United Negro College Fund, Catholic elementary and secondary schools and Xavier University in New Orleans.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops recently renewed a grant to the organization to continue the National Environmental Health and Justice Literacy Project, a program designed to educate citizens of poor communities about environmental health hazards. The Knights of Peter Claver is a member of the worldwide International Alliance of Catholic Knights. 

Gene Phillips, Sr. is the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Peter Claver.  Many well-known Black Catholic leaders, including ArchBishop Wilton Gregory and Memphis Diocese Bishop J. Terry Steib, belong to this fraternal order.  To learn about the Knights of Peter Claver and the impact they are having all across America, click below:

Supreme Knights of Peter Claver

 On Sunday, February 5, 2012 the Knight and Ladies of Peter Claver celebrated Founders Day.
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